Free Networking for College Students and Recent Grads

One-to-One is a network of volunteer mentors in the life sciences industry who want to help you with your career exploration. As a student in One-to-One, you get to virtually meet amazing professionals in the life sciences industry. Begin by filling out an application form.

Just follow these 6 steps.

Our awesome features
Sign up

Fill out an application form. We will review and then send you your login credentials.

Our awesome features
Explore our mentors

After you log in, explore our entire network of mentors. You may contact anyone you want.

Our awesome features
Click "Request Me" and wait to hear back

Once you found someone you like, click "Request Me" button in their profile. This sends an email directly to the volunteer. Then the volunteer will email you within 1 week.

Our awesome features
Set up a time and format to meet

After the volunteer emails you, it's up to you two to set up a time and format to meet (e.g. Zoom, Google Meets etc). All meetings are virtual.

Our awesome features
Have a 30 min - 1 hr call

This is the best part!

Log your meeting

Once your meeting has occured, log it in your account by clicking "Dashboard". Then follow the instructions on that page. This helps you keep track of everyone you meet. And of course, you are welcome to meet with as many different mentors as you like!

Tips and Tricks

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some questions that are not listed below, reach out to Anna at or use our chat feature on the bottom of the site.

One-to-One is for college students and recent grads. We specifically look for students of color, first-generation, or come from low-income background. If you think you meet at least 1 of this criteria, we encourage you to apply.

Yes! One-to-One is for students from all academic backgrounds. Whether you study humanities or sciences, you are welcome. You will learn that our volunteers have diverse academic backgrounds themselves. Be sure to ask how they got into what they do.

All meetings are virtual. You and the volunteer determine the format (e.g., Zoom, Google hangouts).

On the profile of each mentor, you will see a "Request Me" button. Click on that to ping the mentor. This sends an automatic email to the mentor. Then wait a few days for the mentor to respond by email. Remember to click this button only for mentors that you want to meet with.

You can ask about careers, life, anything you want. Remember that these mentors are volunteers who are committed to helping you succeed. Click here for a list of questions to ask.

Absolutely? You can meet with whoever you like. Just click the "Request Me" button in their profile to ping them that you are interested to meet.

This depends. Each mentor has agreed to meet with each student at least once. If you had a great experience and want to continue the relationship, just ask the mentor if they are okay with it.

We recommend 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you click request, the volunteer will receive an email. Once you receive that person's email, it's up to you two to set up the format (e.g. Zoom, Google hangouts), date, and meeting duration.

This is a good way for you to keep track of who you spoke with throughout the program.

If it's been more than 1 week, please email us at We will follow up with you and the volunteer.

After you log in, click on "Dashboard". From there you can see all your meeting requests. Click on each request to enter the information. Be sure to enter "Yes" that the meeting occurred and the meeting date. Finally, click "Save" after editing each request.